Coming soon – last four stages of coast to coast.

The long wait is almost over….

Eight months after progressing as far as Richmond on the Coast to Coast walk, the mountain goat and I have finally got around to arranging the last four stages to Robin Hood’s Bay. The train tickets and accommodation are all booked, the training has commenced and I’ve found my west coast pebble from the beach at St Bees – which is destined to be deposited on the east coast at Robin Hood’s Bay, as tradition dictates.

It will come as no surprise that we have compressed the remaining distance into four stages instead of five – a night’s accommodation saved for one thing. This means that we will have three successive days of over 20 miles followed by a (relatively) easy trek of 12 miles into RHB on the last morning.

Just because the IT contractor market is on its arse doesn’t mean that I should be sat on mine…

So all being well, on the evening of Tuesday 26th of March, I’ll post the first update – Richmond to Ingleby Cross. Hopefully we’ll be in the Bluebell Inn (with an old friend of the choir) rehydrating after a long day in the field.

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