Day 2 Monmouth to Pandy or There’s something about Mary

After an excellent breakfast in The Punch House I headed off for day two, a little.later than usual. I hurried past the Robin Hood, just to be on the safe side.

After an hour or so road walking then flat edge of field stuff the path headed up into the woods. At the end of one climb there was a bench and I sat there for about ten minutes in complete silence – it was amazing.

An hour or so later I spotted a walker who was clearly doing the path in the opposite direction (he was carrying a guide book).

‘Enjoying the path?’ I asked

‘Yes, thanks’ he replied

‘Off to Monmouth then?’


I wandered on, thinking to myself, he should have his own chat show that fella.

After rounding a corner shortly afterwards, tomorrow’s challenge of the Black Mountains hove into view.

The path then headed through a cider orchard, growing apples for Thatchers. Talk about key workers!

The White Castle was one of the few notable sights on todays section. Built in the early 13th century to keep the Welsh in check.

After more, pretty uninteresting walking to be honest, I had a decision to make. The Hunters Moon Inn for a quick pint or carry on and finish the last 4km…

The landlord was concerned at the recent rise in Covid cases and suggested we might see pubs shut again soon – let’s hope not.

Refreshed, I carried on for Pandy. I must have climbed into one particular field at sheep feeding time as they all raced over to me.

Ten minutes easy strolling downhill led me to Pandy where Mary, my B&B host, had offered to pick me up.

What an amazing lady. She’s 83 and doesn’t advertise anymore and I only found her through the OD association. She barely took a breath from picking me up to dropping me off at the pub!

She told me a great story about two young ladies, one of whom was a vegan, who stayed with her last year and who she also dropped down to the Skyrryd Inn for dinner.

As I found out, Mary doesn’t drop you off outside the pub. She likes to take you in and introduce you!

Well, on this occasion Mary takes the two ladies into the bar and loudly announced; ‘This is Sam, and she’s a virgin!”

They were still laughing about it this evening…

Ask me anything about geraniums….

Or Mary’s Grandkids….

15 miles to Hay on Wye tomorrow. Climb up to 600 metres and then a ridge walk for 8 miles before dropping down to Hay. Should be great!

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