All Systems Go….

Finally, at the third attempt, I should start walking Offa’s Dyke Path next week! That’s assuming we aren’t placed in lockdown again, the pubs aren’t shut or some other unforeseen event scuppers my elaborate plans.

I plan to walk the first mile or so, from Sedbury Cliffs to Chepstow, next Wednesday afternoon when I arrive. This will save having to faff about on Thursday morning and I head straight off towards Monmouth 17 miles away.

I’ll post my (slightly amended) itinerary later this week and also announce the special guests who are joining me for certain sections of the walk. The rumours about Scarlett Johanssen are, sadly, untrue. She couldn’t get the time off work.

3 thoughts on “All Systems Go….

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  1. Good luck mate

    You’ve had flood and pestilence, just hope any pubs you visit aren’t having a drought!


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