Thanks for visiting my blog on walking the long distance paths of the UK. I am a keen hill walker who has come to realise, in my fiftieth year, that I haven’t done as much of it as I would have liked to over the years.

After walking the first half of the Coast to Coast last summer with my mate, the human mountain goat, I decided to take on Glyndwr’s Way as a way of improving my general fitness before we complete the Coast to Coast later in the year. I started this blog for Glyndwr’s Way but it seemed to be well received so I’ve made it a more general blog so I can include write ups of the second half of the Coast to Coast and, next on the list, Offa’s Dyke and any subsequent adventures.

The aim is, whatever the walk, to write up the description of each day in the evening, while things are fresh in my mind. I’ll try to keep it light hearted and focus on the things that interest me, such as bird and any wildlife sightings. I’ll also look to describe how the route was holding up in the weather conditions, any access issues and, last but certainly not least, the pubs in the various towns and villages I’m stopping in.

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